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Ricardo Aguilar

Ricardo Aguilar

Electrical Engineer

Meet Ricard, our Electrical Engineer from Palmdale, with a passion for precision and a love for adventure. Ricardo honed his skills at the College of the Canyons, where he developed a strong foundation in electrical engineering.

Beyond his technical prowess, Ricardo surprises us with his unexpected talent in freestyle BMX, embodying agility and creativity both on and off the job. His life motto, "I don’t ride fast because I’m invincible, I ride because I don’t care to be," reflects his fearless and determined approach to challenges.

Fueling his dynamic lifestyle is his favorite coffee order: Cold Brew Black with Stevia & Cinnamon, a choice that keeps him energized and focused. With a fascination for the formidable Spinosaurus, Ricardo brings strength and innovation to our engineering team.

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